Control your PS5 console from a Windows PC

Install PS Remote Play on your Windows PC, and then connect to your PS5 console.

Get ready
Install the app
Set up your PS5 console
Start Remote Play
Remote Play controls
Quit Remote Play

Get ready

You’ll need the following to use Remote Play:

  • Windows PC

    OS Windows 10
    Windows 11
    Processor 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processors or later
    Storage space 100 MB or more
    RAM 2 GB or more
    Display resolution 1024 × 768 or higher
    Sound card Required
    USB port Required
  • PS5 console
    Always update your PS5 console to the latest version of the system software.
  • An account for PlayStation™Network
    Use the same account that you use for your PS5 console. If you don’t have an account, you need to create one first.
  • High-speed internet connection
    As a standard, we recommend a high-speed connection with upload and download speeds of at least 5 Mbps. For best performance, we recommend a high-speed connection with upload and download speeds of at least 15 Mbps.
  • DualSense™ wireless controller
  • USB cable
    Connect your Windows PC and your controller with a USB cable.
  • You can also use a DualSense Edge™ wireless controller or a DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller.
  • To use voice chat, you’ll need a microphone, such as the built-in microphone on your Windows PC.

Install the app

You’ll only need to do these steps the first time you use the app. You can use the same app to connect to your PS5 console and PS4 console.


Download  PS Remote Play and save it to your desktop or other location.
Read the “SIE application end user license agreement” as well as the “Privacy policy”. When you select the checkbox, the download button will become available.

SIE application end user license agreement
Privacy policy

Run the installation file, and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.
During the installation, you might see a request to download additional software that’s needed to use PS Remote Play . To download this software, follow the on-screen instructions.

Set up your PS5 console

Set up your PS5 console in the following ways. You’ll only need to do this the first time you use Remote Play:

  • From the home screen, select Settings > System > Remote Play, and then turn on Enable Remote Play.
  • To start Remote Play while your PS5 console is in rest mode, select Settings > System > Power Saving > Features Available in Rest Mode. Then turn on Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning On PS5 from Network.

Start Remote Play

Take the following steps each time you connect to your PS5 console from your Windows PC.

Turn on your PS5 console or put it into rest mode.
Use a USB cable to connect your controller to your Windows PC.
Launch PS Remote Play on your Windows PC, and then select Sign In to PSN.
Sign in with the same account that you use for your PS5 console.
When you select Settings , you can configure video quality settings for Remote Play such as resolution and frame rate.
Select PS5.
The app searches for the PS5 console that you signed in to using your account, and then connects to the console automatically. After it connects, the screen of your PS5 console displays on your Windows PC and you can start using Remote Play. If multiple PS5 consoles are found, select the console that you’d like to use.
From the second time onwards, you can select the console that you connected to previously.
  • Your Windows PC won't be able to search and connect to your PS5 console if it's been a while since you last signed in. Before trying to connect remotely from outside your home, check that your device connects properly while you're near your PS5 console.
  • If the app can’t find the device that you’d like to connect, or if you can’t connect or have an unstable connection, see “When Remote Play isn’t available”.
  • During Remote Play, you may see Remote Play connected. at the top of your screen. This message appears when another user logs into your PS5 console while you're using Remote Play. When that user logs out of your PS5 console, the message disappears.
    You can prevent this message from appearing while you're playing a game. On the home screen of the PS5 console you're connected to, select Settings > System > Remote Play, and then turn on Hide Remote Play Connection Status.

Using Remote Play with HDR video quality

If your Windows PC and PS5 console are connected to a display or TV that supports HDR, you can use Remote Play with HDR video quality.

From the home screen of your PS5 console, go to Settings > Screen and Video > Video Output, and then set HDR to Always On or On When Supported.
Install HEVC Video Extension distributed by Microsoft on your Windows PC.
Turn on the HDR setting on your display.
From your Windows PC settings, select System > Display > Windows HD Color settings, and then turn on Play HDR games and apps.
Launch PS Remote Play on your Windows PC, and then sign in.
From Settings , go to Video Quality for Remote Play and then select the checkbox for Enable HDR.

Remote Play controls

Besides using your controller, you can also control your PS5 console with the control panel.
During Remote Play, if you move the mouse cursor of your Windows PC over the screen that you’re using for Remote Play, the control panel displays:

  • Create button
    Perform the same functions as the controller’s (create) button.
  • PS button
    Display the control center of your PS5 console.
  • Options button
    Perform the same functions as the controller’s (options) button.
  • App volume
    Place your cursor on Speaker Active to display the volume bar, and then adjust the volume of your app. To mute or unmute the app audio, select Speaker Active / Speaker Muted .
  • Microphone status
    Select Mic Active / Mic Muted to turn the microphone on or off.

    Mic on
    Mic off
    Mic not connected
  • Battery level
    Check your controller’s battery level.
  • Screen size
    Change the screen size during Remote Play.

    Enter full screen
    Exit full screen

Quit Remote Play

Click the Close button at the top right corner of the screen you’re using for Remote Play.
To put your PS5 console in rest mode when Remote Play quits, select the checkbox for Put the connected console in rest mode.
Select OK.
Remote Play quits and the screen returns to its original state before your Windows PC was connected to your PS5 console.

To uninstall PS Remote Play , go to your Windows PC settings and select Apps > Apps & features, and then delete PS Remote Play.